Greater China Business Infra

Korea Head Office

· Planning and operation of marketing strategy for Chinese IMC marketing
· Operation of consulting and distribution strategy in China
· New business development and strategic management

Beijing Branch, China

· China consulting and distribution business
· established distribution network in Huabei and Huanan areas.

Shanghai Branch, China

· Media marketing in China
· Video content production and platform business

West Office, China

· Located in Xian, China
· Marketing and consumer goods distribution in Western part of China

Southeast Asia Branch

· Myanmar branch
· New business investment
· Consumer goods distribution and real estate development business

Mplus Asia
started its business in Beijing, China in 2006, established a Korean corporation in 2013 and has achieved steady growth every year.

Been focusing on reliability rather than possibility, focusing on strategic choices rather than reckless challenges, we are concentrating on the role of the China business channel which execute more realistic results than exaggerated data.

For realistic goals and results of IMC marketing, management innovation consulting, distribution and business matching, talented people are dedicated to you with the slogan "God is in the Detail".

We will always work with customers-oriented perspective, and be a passionate company that can say NO as well as YES for China’s successful business.

We ask for lots of interest and support.


Since 2006, we have started marketing consulting and mass media marketing to support business expansion into China
and transformed into a Greater China Marketing Channel with the establishment of a Korean domestic corporation in 2013.


Started digital media business in China
Established Mplus corporations in Beijing and Xian
Started consulting, planning for companies that enter China market


Provided company consulting for entry to China market

Established Beijing and Shanghai branches in China
Expanded global network, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Provided management consulting for Korean companies' entry to China market
Provided consulting for SME product’s entry to the inland market of China
held an information session of Incheon international airport inland city


Established Mplus Asia domestic corporation

Established Mplus Asia, Korea corporation
Public relations consulting with local government to China in Seoul, Gyeongbuk, Daegu, Gangwon-do
Consulted for Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) and Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) about China
Proceeded China consulting and China TV media affiliate business (China CCTV, Hunan Satellite Broadcasting, Shanxi Satellite Broadcasting etc.)

Since 2014, we have strengthened our IMC marketing activities, including strategic consulting for entry to
China market and gained reputation for the Greater China Marketing Channel


provided services for marketing and implementation of government policy project

Operated “CSF China Expert Forum” for KIEP
Performed Chinese Media marketing for Shinsegae, THE FACE SHOP, Jeonggwanjang, GM CHINA, KOLON SPORTS etc.
Launched "VOUPON", the only yoke (Chinese tourist) premium platform for domestic market
Attracted Chinese companies’ Product placement, indirect advertising to Korea drama "Doctor Stranger" and "You’re All Surrounded" for the first time in Korea
Provided Investment in production of Korean-Chinese joint venture film "My New Sassy Girl"


Provided marketing and attracting domestic and foreign institutional cooperation

Proceeded China consulting for domestic institutions such as KOTRA and Trade Academy KOTRA
Signed contract of monopoly business agreement for Chinese drama with Beijing Bofang Culture, Media Co., Ltd., the production company of Hunan Satellite Broadcasting Corporation
Established the Korea representative office of Shaanxi Satellite Broadcasting and signed business agreement contract
Provided Marketing and Promotion in Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do for attracting Chinese tourists
Signed business agreement contract with China Video Copyright Trading Co., Ltd
Developed Chinese tourist O2O platform with Ctrip, the biggest travel agency in China


Provided IMC marketing service to China

Operated KEEP Project for KIEP
Provided China marketing for distribution companies such as KT, Shinsegae, Jeonggwanjang, DooTa, Lotte etc.
Provided China marketing for beauty and fashion products of Amore, LG Care, Kolon, Claire’s Korea, etc.
Provided marketing for government agencies such as Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, etc.



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